What Causes TMJ Disorder?

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TMJ Disorder CausesWhen patients are diagnosed with TMJ disorder (or TMD), they often wonder what caused the condition in the first place. While there isn’t always a clear reason why the patient has developed the problem, there are a number of issues that can influence the onset of TMJ disorder. This can include arthritis gradually wearing down the joint’s cartilage, teeth grinding or clenching, trauma inflicting damage on the joint, or even just overuse of the joint.

Despite how the condition began, Dr. Jerry Strauss can effectively relieve the many symptoms of TMJ disorder that can be debilitating at times. He utilizes advanced technology for the diagnosis and has undergone specialized training in neuromuscular dentistry to treat the condition. To alleviate the discomfort and persistence of the problem, Dr. Strauss works in a three-step process to relieve muscle pain, stabilize the patient’s bite, and manage the problem on a long-term basis.

If you have TMJ disorder and would like to learn how Dr. Strauss can help you treat the condition for good, please contact us at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey to schedule an appointment, so he can determine the best treatment method for your needs.