What Are the Side Effects Of Sedation Dentistry?

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Side Effects of Sedation DentistryAt Aesthetic Dental Care, we offer two different types of sedation to help our patients feel more comfortable. One option is oral conscious sedation, which utilizes a small pill taken by mouth an hour before your visit. A second option is IV sedation, which is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist to ensure your safety throughout the procedure.

These sedation dentistry techniques are highly effective at combating dental phobia, a condition suffered by millions of Americans. While many of our patients enjoy the idea of feeling deeply relaxed and entering a sleep-like state during procedures such as dental implants or dental crowns, they often wonder about potential side effects associated with the techniques.

The medication used for oral conscious sedation is non-habit forming and has very few side effects. During the consultation process, we will examine your medical history as well as any medications or supplements you currently take to make sure you are a good candidate for oral conscious sedation. As with any medication, not all patients react exactly the same, which is why we have an experienced assistant in the room at all times to monitor your vital signs during treatment. The side effects from IV sedation are equally minimal. However, you will need to arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home after your appointment since you will still feel drowsy. We also recommend that you do not operate any heavy machinery within 24 hours of your treatment.

With such minimal risks and side effects, many of our patients have found that these sedation dentistry techniques allow them to achieve the healthy beautiful smile they have always wanted while putting their fears at ease. For more information about sedation dentistry, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.