Turning Headaches into Smiles

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TMJ Pain Relief Through Myotronics

Just returned from the Myotronics 44th anniversary seminar in Seattle. This is one of the great programs of the year with lectures given by the leading neuromuscular dentists in the country. There is so much information to take home from this seminar that will make people’s lives better. Myotronics pioneered the use of mild electrical stimulus to treat dental patients that were experiencing TMJ and facial pain. The importance of the role muscles play in occlusion has become widely recognized in recent years. The myomonitor allows for gradual relaxation of the muscles and restoration of normal blood flow and the washing away of waste products responsible for pain. Myotronics is also the manufacturer of the K-7 unit which is used to scientifically determine where a person’s most comfortable bite relationship is and can be verified with electromyography or muscle tracking. All of their products assist us in gaining pain relief for so many people that experience daily TMJ pain, migraine headaches, shoulder and neck discomfort, ringing in the ears, chewing difficulties and facial pain. Additionally, we now know that TMJ problems can be associated with sleep breathing disorders which can be life threatening. It is so great that we can reduce many of these problems, often eliminating pain, changing people’s lives and even giving them a good, healthy night’s sleep.