TMJ Disorder & Electromyography New Jersey

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Diagnosing TMJ pain is something that we have case 7 instrument for. And it allows us to do electromyography, it allows us to do muscle tracking, it allows us to go ahead and find where people are having the problems, in which muscles, and we can then go ahead and take a bite and we can recreate a position of comfort that we can scientifically find on our case 7, on our computer program. Very different than conventional dentistry of making a night guard that’s made arbitrarily and here’s a piece of plastic and put this in and that’ll change things. Frequently we find that that procedure not only doesn’t help but causes more pain. The more neuromuscular dentistry works is it allows us to scientifically find a patient’s most comfortable muscle level and allows us to recreate that position of comfort scientifically so that we can go ahead and monitor it on the computer and see by electromyography where that level of comfort is. There’s no other system that allows you to do that, and this is what allows neuromuscular dentistry to be different than conventional dentistry. And it can change people’s lives.