Laser Dentistry in Totowa

At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, we utilize the latest technology to enhance your dental experience.

Laser Dentistry for Early Detection and Faster Healing

At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, Jerry Strauss, DMD is experienced in practicing laser dentistry. Lasers can be used in teeth whitening, surgery on the gums, and restorative dentistry. Laser dentistry allows for faster healing time, minimal post-operative pain and recovery time, and minimal bleeding and sensitivity. Dr. Strauss is experienced and skilled in laser dentistry.

Another tool Dr. Strauss utilizes in performing laser dentistry at his Fairfield, New Jersey practice is the DIAGNOdent® laser. This laser allows Dr. Strauss to detect cavities earlier and easier. Unlike the traditional method of extended poking and prodding in the mouth to look for cavities, the DIAGNOdent® laser can discover potential problems quickly and with less discomfort. In fact, this laser dentistry technique has been found to be more than 90 percent accurate, as opposed to the only 50 to 70 percent success rate of traditional cavity detection methods. The increased accuracy and patient comfort level make the DIAGNOdent® laser a smart addition to Dr. Strauss’ laser dentistry procedures.

If you are interested in the new and exciting technology of laser dentistry, contact Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey. Dr. Strauss invites all patients to visit him in Fairfield, Essex County for a laser dentistry consultation.

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