Laser Dentistry, Digital X-rays, and Other Technology

At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, we utilize the latest technology to enhance your dental experience. By investing in CEREC®, Myotronics technology, laser dentistry, and digital x-rays, we offer patients at our Fairfield, Essex County, New Jersey practice more advanced dental care. We also use technology like the Wand™ for anesthesia and offer high speed internet to make your dental experience more enjoyable.

* Laser Dentistry for Early Detection and Faster Healing
* Digital X-rays for the Full Picture
* Using Myotronics to Relieve TMJ and TMD
* Administering Anesthesia with the Wand
* CEREC® 3D Allowing for Single Visit Procedures
* High Speed Internet While You Wait

Digital X-rays Give Patients the Full Picture

Traditionally, getting dental x-rays has not been the easiest experience. Besides the worry about radiation, patients also had to contend with biting down on x-ray film, waiting for the film to be developed, and having to squint to see the x-ray image that the dentist is trying to explain. By offering digital x-rays at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, Dr. Strauss has helped to relieve some of those issues.

The digital x-rays offered at our office reduce your exposure to radiation. According to the documentation provided by the manufacturer, the digital x-rays used at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey produce up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film x-ray machines.

Instead of the uncomfortable, sharp dental film used by the old systems, digital x-rays used a small sensor. There are few, if any, problems with the digital sensor. At our practice, we ensure that our dental technician properly places the sensor. This placement greatly reduces sensor issues.

The system used for digital x-rays at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey produces instant results, so there is no waiting. The digital x-rays produced can be color enhanced and enlarged for easier viewing and understanding of the images.

The use of digital x-rays also streamlines the processes involved in filing insurance claims. Digital x-rays can be stored and sent electronically, speeding the transmission of the patient’s dental exam to the insurance carrier. Faster service usually means quicker response time, so dental work does not have to be delayed.

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Using Myotronics to Relieve TMJ/TMD

The pain associated with TMJ/TMD can be more effectively treated when your dentist specializes in neuromuscular dentistry and has the correct technology. As an LVI dentist trained in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Strauss is well aware of the importance of properly treating jaw disorders, which is why he uses Myotronics equipment in his New Jersey practice.

A critical component of treating TMJ problems is relaxing the jaw muscles. The Myomonitor by Myotronics used at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey uses electrical pulses to stimulate the jaw muscles to relax. In less than an hour, the muscles have relaxed and aligned into their ideal position. More information on the Myomonitor’s role in treating TMJ/TMD can be found in the Neuromuscular Dentistry page of this website.

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Administering Anesthesia with the Wand™

Even with the laser dentistry techniques used at our Fairfield, Essex County practice, localized anesthesia, or a Novocain shot, is needed for some of the dental procedures. Many times the pain associated with getting a shot of anesthesia is not from the injection of the needle, but from the pressure of the fluid as it enters the gum’s tissues. The Wand™ relieves some of that pressure and volume by compensating for different tissue densities. The use of the Wand™ allows LVI-trained dentist Dr. Strauss to deliver an optimal flow of the anesthesia. This procedure not only reduces some of the pain associated with a “typical” Novocain shot, but it also limits the amount of anesthesia needed, reducing some of the residual numbness usually felt in the lips and tongue. This method works well for patients with dental phobia and a fear of needles. The combination of the Wand™ with oral conscious sedation dentistry allows for a painless and less fearful dental experience.

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CEREC® 3D Allowing for Single-Visit Procedures

In the past, a patient would have to return for a second visit to have a cavity filled or a dental crown placed on a tooth. Through the use of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC®, and its supporting software, CEREC® 3D, patients at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey can have the procedure completed in one visit. Using a computer generated impression of your tooth, your CEREC® crowns or onlays will be created onsite while you wait, eliminating the need for a second visit and a delay in your dental care.

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High Speed Internet While You Wait

The waiting room at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey has the added feature of free high speed internet access for patients. There is no reason for boredom while waiting for Dr. Strauss or for your CEREC® dental crowns to be created. Free internet access is just one of the many amenities available as you wait in our relaxing dental day spa.

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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Strauss or for more information on the technology, including laser dentistry and digital x-rays, offered at our Fairfield, Essex County practice, contact Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey today.

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