IV Sedation Dentistry by LVI Trained Dentist in New Jersey

Serving Patients in Totowa and Surrounding Communities

Jerry Strauss, DMD has continued his dental training at the prominent Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). As an LVI dentist he is able to help New Jersey patients with a range of dental problems. To better serve patients, especially those with dental phobia, Dr. Strauss is proud to be a premier IV conscious sedation dentist. At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, Dr. Strauss’ expertise as an LVI dentist is complemented by the IV sedation specialization of a board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Glen Atlas.

What is IV conscious sedation dentistry?

IV conscious sedation dentistry is a method of performing dental treatments while a patient is in a relaxed state due to anesthesia administered directly into the bloodstream by a board-certified anesthesiologist. A dental office that offers IV sedation has a dentist who cares about easing his patients’ dental fears and phobias.

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If I don’t live in New Jersey, can I still get IV conscious sedation?

Although Dr. Jerry Strauss is an LVI dentist in New Jersey, he and Dr. Atlas have performed IV conscious sedation procedures on patients from throughout the tri-state area, including New York and Pennsylvania.

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What procedures can I have done with IV sedation?

With an LVI-trained IV sedation dentist, Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey offers numerous dental procedures, all of which can be performed with IV sedation. Normally, IV sedation will be recommended by our dentist if the patient has pronounced dental phobia or if extensive dental work may require too long a time for the patient to remain comfortable. Treatments performed under IV sedation by LVI dentist Dr. Strauss include dental implants, bridges, tooth bonding, neuromuscular dentistry therapy for TMJ/TMD, and MAC Veneers™.

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What can I expect from the procedure?

During your IV sedation procedure, our LVI dentist will perform your dental treatments after our anesthesiologist intravenously administers anesthesia. You will experience a sensation of sleep, but you will be conscious enough to respond to Dr. Strauss’ requests. Before the dental procedure, but after the IV sedation is administered, you will be given Novocain. Most likely, you will have very little recall of your dental treatment.

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Does this method require two dentists?

No. Dr. Strauss is our LVI dentist at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey. Dr. Atlas is an anesthesiologist, not a dentist. Dr. Glen Atlas administers the IV sedation as our dentist completes the dental procedures for our New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania patients.

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What are the side effects of IV sedation?

Although you will be in a relaxed state during the IV conscious sedation procedure and you should not operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after the treatment, the side effects of the IV sedation offered by the dentist are minimal.

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What should I expect after my IV sedation procedure?

You will not be able to drive yourself home after IV conscious sedation. Our dentist and anesthesiologist will provide you with specific post-procedure instructions.

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How can I schedule an appointment with an LVI trained IV sedation dentist?

Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey is home to an LVI trained IV sedation dentist. Contact the New Jersey office of Jerry Strauss, DMD today to schedule an appointment for a dental procedure performed with IV conscious sedation.

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