Rose Office Manager of Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey

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My name is Rose and I’m the office manager, practice administrator. And I think more than that I’m just a member of the team that takes care of our patients. Well we all come in and we discuss the patients that we’re going to be taking care of that day and the treatment plans that we’ll be presenting to them. And then I’m usually the first person that they’ll see when they come in and I really enjoy interacting with the patients. We don’t just offer dental treatment, we try to develop relationships with the patients. We just try to make it so that patients feel comfortable that they’re coming to visit a family here and then they’re taken into one of the operatories for their appointment and hopefully treated as gently as possible and that’s why they keep coming back.

Most patients love him, especially patients who are petrified of coming to the dentist. Because we do a lot of sedation, we have patients calling who haven’t been to the dentist in years, maybe it’s taken them 10 years to pick up the phone to make that initial call. And what we find is the hardest thing is actually getting them to come in. Once they come in Dr. Strauss is just so gentle and so reassuring that their fears are allayed very quickly. And what we find is that most patients who are really petrified come in and they’ll have sedation for the first appointment and they’ll have it for the second, and by the third they need a lot less. And ultimately, they’re coming in and they don’t need anything because they’ve learned that dentistry does not have to be unpleasant and it does not have to hurt.

The life changing effects we have on patients. They can come in feeling extremely uncomfortable with themselves, with their smiles, with the way they’re presenting themselves to other people, whether it’s professionally or personally. And patients who make the commitment and the investment not only of dollars but time to have life affirming dental care done are absolutely thrilled with the results and the changes that we see in people not only in their personalities but in their self-confidence, self-assurance, is overwhelming. And that I think is the one aspect that we all really love about it. And after that it would be the relationships that we develop with our patients, and every one of them is not just a chart, they are really a member of our dental family.