Personalized TMJ Treatment Solutions New Jersey

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Once we diagnose the TMJ problem, once we go ahead and figure out what’s going on, then we can go ahead and make an appliance known as an orthotic, whether it’s a removable or a fixed orthotic, but we can make something that we can go ahead based on the scientific readings of the computer determine where the person’s most comfortable position is and it’s kind of like taking a stone out of a shoe. When someone’s walking around, they have a little pebble in their shoe, if you take that stone out and find the most comfortable level, all of a sudden, it’s life changing, and that’s what neuromuscular dentistry allows us to do. So, we can go ahead and make an orthotic, we can make a removable or a fixed, and that’s phase 1. Once we have somebody comfortable in phase 1 then we can go ahead and move onto phase 2 which is more definitive treatment.