Oral Sedation Dentistry New Jersey

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Oral sedation is based on giving people some pills, some liquids, that are medications that they swallow and we go ahead and monitor them just again as if it were in a hospital, we’re monitoring them constantly, and everybody reacts a little bit differently to the medications and so we have to go ahead and spend the time delivering these medications. They usually are along the lines of either halcyon or triazolam, visceral, different medications that will keep people awake yet sedate. People that are having oral sedation are not being knocked out. People think that sometimes they want to be sedated to a point where they’re asleep, this is not sleep dentistry. So, they’re still in control, sometimes people want to be in control of things. So, they’re still awake, they’re still aware, we’re still carrying on conversations, it’s just that they’re very comfortable, the anxiety level drops immensely, and they’re still able to communicate and they are in control but they’re just much more relaxed.