New Jersey Oral IV Sedation Dentistry Training and Experience

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You must find someone who has had both the training and the experience. We’ve done a lot of training with the Docs Society which is the oral conscious sedation people that do a lot of training. We’ve done courses at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. We continue to do training sessions there. And we continue to keep abreast of what’s happening with the sedation dentistry end of it. If they’re really interested in just being a little bit uncomfortable, they’re really not that anxious, they may have someone deliver some nitrous oxide to them. If they’re feeling that they want to have much more comfort than that they should look for someone who’s trained in conscious sedation, someone who’s had the experiences, someone who can develop a relationship with them based on trust that they know how to do this. If they’re very fearful then we go to the next step which is the IV sedation with Dr. Atlas. That is something that helps people that either have had extremely bad experiences or just very painful, fearful experiences, and we can overcome that.