New Jersey NJ Smile Makeover Patient Marjorie

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Doctor Strauss worked with a previous dentist that I worked with and as a result it became his practice. I had porcelain veneers placed on about 90% of my teeth. I would say the experience that I had with Dr. Strauss was extremely positive. From the moment I entered the office to the moment I left my final appointment with an extraordinary set of porcelain veneers placed in my mouth it was extremely positive. I the most important thing about Dr. Strauss was he was a man of his word and throughout the entire process he was extremely nice, extremely professional in his workmanship, and kept me very comfortable.

I think that in any profession we get complacent and it is clear to me that Dr. Strauss has not taken his learning from as many years ago as he may have acquired it in dental school and kept it current from that point. It is important for me to know and for his patients to know that he has kept up with in service training, probably has developed his own workshops, and has brought into this office that he works in all of the current technology. And I think it’s his premiere goal to make sure his patients reap the benefits of his training.