New Jersey NJ Invisalign Patient Mark

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I came across Dr. Strauss actually from my wife’s dentist. He was recommended very highly by him and I had an issue with my teeth, and he recommended Dr. Strauss and said that he would take care of me and everything would be fine. In the beginning I would smile but it was always kind of a shy smile. I would try to hide it. I mean if I laughed, I’d try to turn my head or something like that. Now with the Invitations I don’t even have to think about it. It changed my smile and it also changed even the way I eat food. So, it was definitely worthwhile, it was definitely worth the time. In less than a year it was a major improvement.

When I came in to see Dr. Strauss for the Invitations, I wanted to improve my smile, that’s really the main reason I came in here. The first thing we had to do was take impressions of my teeth which was a relatively quick process. Waited a few weeks for the impressions to come back and then I was fitted with the Invisalign, the braces themselves, which was a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning because there is some pressure on your teeth and they’re starting to change their form. Other than that, once they were in and once I got used to them in a couple of days there was no pain at all, no discomfort at all.

You know when I came in to see Dr. Strauss it was a great experience. I mean he was my dentist before I had the Invisalign anyway but I’m very comfortable with the staff and everyone. Everything is run smoothly here, never have to wait for an appointment, everything runs well. The experience of the Invisalign was great. I’m wearing the retainers now after the Invisalign straightened out my teeth but all in all it was a great experience. And once they were in, I wore them 18 to 20 hours a day, I didn’t even know they were in most of the day. Everybody that sees my smile now is amazed, and amazed in the time frame that it happened in. So especially my children too, now that we’re taking family photos and stuff like that now they tell you to smile it’s just right on cue and I’m done, I don’t have to think at all about it. I definitely would recommend Dr. Strauss to someone else. You want to come in here and relax and be at ease and have a good time, because the staff in here will keep you comfortable and it’s worthwhile, it’s worth a visit.