New Jersey NJ Dental Assistant Suzanne

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I’ve been a dental assistant for about 14 years. I’ve gone on a lot of training courses with all the dentists that I’ve worked with in the past and I find that Dr. Strauss has taken it one step further with the knowledge that he wants to have for himself and also to give to his patients. We start around 8 o’clock in the morning. We don’t have a real set time for the end of the day, it’s basically when the last emergency patient calls and that’s when we leave. We have days that we have a lot of procedures going on and Dr. Strauss specializes in full mouth reconstruction so we can have as few as one or two patients in a day.

They enjoy his interaction and he’s very family oriented and based on enjoying, seeing the patient’s reaction, talking about families and stuff. He doesn’t keep it to just dentistry. We’re very like I said family oriented, it’s a team practice. We all know about each other, we are able to flow from one person to the other, we can do a perfect hand off, and the patients see that and they really enjoy it because we’re not working against one another we’re working with each other. The best part about my job is interacting with the patients and seeing how we can change the patient’s life and how we can make them smile when they never wanted to smile before.