New Jersey IV Sedation Anesthesiologist Dr. Glen Atlas

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My name is Dr. Glen Atlas, I’m an MD, medical doctor. I specialize in anesthesiology. And I come to Dr. Strauss’s office and administer anesthesia to the patients so Jerry can safely do dental work and I take care of the anesthesia end of the patient. IV sedation, it stands for intravenous, it’s administered through an IV. And we’re able to very quickly adjust the medication so that the patient’s depth of anesthesia is just right. And the medications are very short acting, we can make them deeper or lighter within a very short period of time. And patients recover from it very quickly with minimal side effects.

First I speak to the patient directly and make sure that their medical history is compatible with an anesthetic in a dental office setting. This isn’t for everybody, if somebody has a sever coronary artery disease, lung disease, kidney disease, this type of thing, they may not be candidates. However, most people can safely receive anesthesia in this setting with a reasonable medical history taken.

Patients can be made very deep very quickly. They can be lightened up very quickly, and this can be adjusted to their needs within a moment’s notice. Oral medications don’t work as quickly and can’t be titrated or adjusted as well. Typical patient will show up, okay I show up about an hour ahead of time, I set up my equipment. Patient shows up with his or her ride. Dr. Strauss and his team are ready for the patient. Patient sits down in the chair, I start the IV on the patient, and patient will get very comfortable, very forgetful, extremely relaxed, and then Dr. Strauss can administer local anesthesia which is still used and the patient will be very comfortable.
The medications are all very short acting, by stopping them the patient can walk out of here in approximately half an hour.