New Jersey IV Oral Sedation Dentistry

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Sometimes they’re real, sometimes they’re not. But perception is real. And so even if people remember something that happened many years ago people go ahead in the back of their mind have something that they think of and relate to a bad experience. It’s deep seeded and sometimes it takes a lot to overcome that fear. Good news of the day is that at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey we conquer the fear. There is oral conscious sedation that’s available through a pill form and there’s IV sedation that is delivered by an anesthesiologist who will monitor the patient. And sometimes people just come in and want to have the edge taken off and we use nitrous oxide for that which is just simply another vehicle that allows us to go ahead and deliver the care for someone who’s not petrified but just want to take the edge off. Things have changed in dentistry over the years that probably we don’t even do things the same way that we did them 5 years ago so let alone 20 years ago. And we’ve come a long way in dentistry. The philosophy is that if you can get into the door, we’ll help you get the work done.