How Can I Manage Sleep Apnea?

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Manage Sleep ApneaSleep apnea can be more than simply a nuisance for you or your partner, and when left untreated, this common condition can severely impact your overall health. In addition to snoring and gasping for air, common symptoms of sleep apnea may include cognitive impairment, memory loss, a compromised immune system, anxiety, stress, and loss of motor skills. Sleep apnea can even trigger serious conditions including diabetes and hypertension.

To help manage sleep apnea, Dr. Strauss offers a number of treatment options for our patients at Aesthetic Dental Care. Custom dental orthotics can be worn during sleep to keep your airways open and prevent the soft tissues of the throat from collapsing. For most patients, these oral appliances are effective at eliminating the symptoms of sleep apnea. In more severe cases, a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) mask can be worn throughout the night to maintain a constant, normal flow of oxygen.

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