Dr. Strauss Supports US Troops with Candy Buy-Back Program

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In support of U. S. troops serving overseas, Dr. Strauss is hosting a candy buy-back program this Halloween at his Fairfield cosmetic dentistry practice. Dr. Strauss encourages parents to bring their children to his Aesthetic Dental Care office to trade in their candy regardless of whether they are patients or not. In fact, he adds that there will be extra prize opportunities for current patients that refer friends and family to the event.

Located in Essex County, New Jersey, Dr. Strauss’ cosmetic dentistry practice will be buying all unopened Halloween candy for $1 per pound. Once the candy has been collected and weighed, Dr. Strauss and his staff will send it to U. S. troops around the world. In addition to the candy trade-in, Dr. Strauss will be handing out raffle tickets for each pound of candy, as well as special prizes for the largest candy donations.

After shattering the previous year’s record with 283 pounds of candy at the 2009 Candy Buy-back celebration, Dr. Strauss says he hopes he and his patients are able to do the same this year. In the end however, Dr. Strauss says he is happy to help his community contribute to such a worthy cause, and believes the program provides another chance to protect and maintain his patients’ oral health.

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