Dr. Strauss Attends 3-Day Intensive Sleep Apnea Course

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Dr. Strauss remains committed to ongoing education as a means to provide the most up to date treatment options for his patients. A sleep apnea sufferer himself, Dr. Strauss has a special interest in the latest clinical research for the successful treatment of this deadly disease. Below he recounts highlights from the educational sessions each day.

Day 1

Completed day 1 of an intensive 3-day sleep apnea program. Simply an outstanding presentation. Sleep apnea is a huge risk factor for hypertension, angina, glucose intolerance, stroke, gastroesophageal reflux, heart disease and asthma amongst others. And it is not limited to adults-children with daytime sleepiness, impaired cognitive function, ADHD, tonsillar problems can and should be treated early. Treat the problem, not the symptoms.

Day 2

Second day of the 3-day dental sleep medicine program even better than the first which was great. Obstructive sleep apnea is a deadly disease, but it can be managed. And it should be treated or there are serious consequences. If you snore, wake up tired, have daytime fatigue, have morning headaches or have a family history of sleep apnea, please seek treatment. Your friends and family will be thankful you did.

Day 3

Returned home today from a 3-day program with Dr. Brian Allman, the guru of dental sleep medicine. Have a new appreciation for obstructive sleep apnea, what it means and how to manage it. It is a deadly problem that can cause a host of medical problems. If you stop breathing for periods of time, are not well rested, are fatigued during the day, fall asleep while watching TV or think you might have some sleep issues, let’s talk about it. Diagnosis is made by a simple sleep test at a hospital or sleep center. Your family and friends will be thankful you can be helped.