Dr. Jerry Strauss New Jersey NJ Cosmetic Dentist

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Went to Syracuse University as an undergraduate, followed that up with dental school at Boston University where I got a DMD degree along with the master’s degree in nutritional biochemistry. I was the first one to combine the two programs at the school and that was another passion of mine, the nutritional biochemistry end of it. So, I combined those. After that I went to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York for a one-year residency and then went out into practice. Went to practice for 20 years in upstate New York in Binghamton and then moved to New Jersey.

In Binghamton we had a practice that was a little bit more typical and it was a busy type of practice and it wasn’t really a relationship type of practice, it was more volume-oriented. And we decided after a while that’s not what we wanted, we wanted to slow things down, we wanted to change the face of the practice. And that’s when we changed to a more relationship-based practice. And we looked around the country at where we wanted to be and we found an area in New Jersey in particular in Caldwell, Fairfield, and we decided this was where we wanted to make our home.