Dental Phobia Anxiety at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey

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At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, we want them to know we’re nonjudgmental, no one’s gonna come in and yell at them, no one’s gonna go ahead and have any thoughts about their bad histories or their stories. We’re just here to help. And we want to describe that as something that it’s okay to be nervous, it’s okay to be anxious, it’s okay to be scared to death, we’re gonna get them through it. They’re going to probably meet Rose first. First thing she’s gonna do is offer them something to drink or she’s gonna have cookies that she baked and she’s gonna first establish the fact that we’re here to make you comfortable. They will go through an intake with Rose so that they will describe some of their situations, whether it’s fears or whether it’s wants or desires, and they’ll talk with her and she will talk with them and begin to build that most important relationship and that will then be conveyed to us and then we’ll come in and we will pursue further.