Dental Comfort with IV Sedation New Jersey NJ

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IV sedation is delivered by the anesthesiologist through medications where he starts an IV and the medications are injected. It’s a much deeper sedation than oral conscious sedation but the nice thing is that we have the anesthesiologist who’s monitoring the patients and can go ahead and deliver the medical care that’s necessary. On occasion we’ve had people that’ve had blood pressure that’s gone way up during a procedure. Physician is right there to deliver medication, drops the blood pressure, and we’re good to go.

In New Jersey at Aesthetic Dental Care we can go ahead and deliver the IV sedation to people that are extremely fearful or medically compromised. There are some people that are not good candidates for oral conscious sedation. Heavy smokers, people that have had different things going on in their life that don’t allow us to predictably sedate them with oral conscious sedation can be predictably sedated with IV sedation.