Porcelain Veneers in Totowa, NJ

MAC Veneers™ for Patients in Caldwell, Cedar Grove and Verona

MAC Veneers™ Giving New Jersey Patients a Straighter, Brighter Smile

Porcelain veneers are a great alternative to crowns and other cosmetic dentistry options. Traditional veneers are composed of thin, customized porcelain. Although porcelain veneers are a viable option, Dr. Strauss is proud to offer MAC Veneers™ at the Fairfield, Essex County location of Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey. Similar to porcelain veneers, MAC Veneers™ fit snugly over the teeth, disguising stains, chips, misalignment, and other imperfections. MAC Veneers™ are also long lasting and easy to place.

The MAC Veneers™ offered at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey are recommended three times more often than porcelain veneers. Instead of porcelain, MAC Veneers™ are made from pressed ceramic. This material makes MAC Veneers™ twice as strong as other veneers. The advanced veneers also last considerably longer than porcelain veneers.

MAC Veneers™ Procedure at Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey

The procedures involved in creating and placing veneers will generally take three visits to our Essex County office. Your first visit will consist of an exam and a consultation on whether or not veneers are the right option for you. Cosmetic dentist Jerry Strauss will inform you on the advantages of having MAC Veneers™ as well as the limitations. Feel free to voice any concerns and ask any questions you have at this time.

The second visit to our office will consist of preparation of the teeth for the veneers. At this time, our LVI trained dentist will buff your teeth to remove about half of a millimeter of your tooth enamel. This allows space for the MAC Veneers™. This procedure can be uncomfortable, but local anesthetic or even oral conscious sedation dentistry can be used. After the preparation is complete, Dr. Strauss will make an impression of your teeth. The mold will be sent off to a lab where your MAC Veneers™ will be fabricated.

Your MAC Veneers™ are applied during your third visit to the Fairfield, Essex County location of Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey. Your teeth will be cleaned first. When our cosmetic dentist places the veneers against your teeth to make sure they fit, he will also check the color to make sure they match your other teeth. If the color is off a little, the color of the veneers can be adjusted with the cement used to bond the veneers to your teeth. The cement used has different shades. (With MAC Veneers™ there is usually less of a need for this correction.) Once the cement has been applied, Dr. Strauss will harden the cement through a procedure called curing.

Schedule a MAC Veneers™ Consultation

Please contact Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey today to schedule a consultation or for further information on MAC Veneers™. Our office is conveniently located in Fairfield, Essex County, right off of Route 80, making it easily accessible for patients in Caldwell, Verona and Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

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