CEREC Tooth Restorations New Jersey NJ

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We now have a CEREC machine which allows us to go ahead and make a crown or make an inlay on the same day of service as we’re going ahead and preparing the teeth. So that reduces the number of visits, that reduces putting temporaries in. People have temporaries in they frequently call and well, I lost one or it fell out. Here we go ahead, and we can repair the tooth and we can go ahead and make the crown or the porcelain on lay right away and cement it or bond it in that same day. Very helpful for the sedation patients and we want to do as much work as possible in as little time and we want to go ahead and limit the number of visits. Or from people that come from out of town, from out of the area, who don’t want to make so many trips, we can go ahead and prepare the teeth, we don’t have to send it to the laboratory, we can do it right here and we can get it done and inserted the same day.