CEREC Benefits Aesthetic Dental Care New Jersey

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CEREC is a great tool for us because it allows us to go ahead and take a virtual impression of a tooth that we’re preparing for, for example, a crown or for an onlay, and instead of some people being very fearful of the impression that they’re going to go ahead and swallow the material or gag on it this is a camera that allows us to take a virtual impression, and from that virtual impression we can design the porcelain and then send it to the milling machine at the end of the hallway and it’s all prepared, all done at the same time in our office right here in Fairfield. So, there’s no second visit, there’s no coming back two weeks later having more anesthetic put in, taking the temporary off and putting the crown in. It’s all done in one visit and again very beneficial for those having sedation because we can accomplish much more in fewer visits.