TMJ Neuromuscular Treatment Totowa, NJ

The neuromuscular approach has been a great benefit to both myself and to my patients that come in in pain, and there are many patients that are out there with TMJ problems, with neck pain, shoulder pain. Many of the symptoms that result from a bad bite. And with the neuromuscular approach which is different than a conventional approach we... read more »

TMJ Tempero Mandibular Joint Disorder New Jersey

TMJ is an acronym for tempero mandibular joint, which is a joint that people are well aware of because many people have problems with it. They are in pain either upon opening or on closing. Some people are in constant pain. But it also produces many other problems that people have to deal with. TMJ pain can be related to... read more »

TMJ Diagnosis Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey

TMJ problems can be very debilitating. Those people with true TMJ problems are in pain. They’re in pain 24 hours a day. Their life is compromised, and it can overwhelm them. So, in order to really help these people, you have to identify what the problems are, and you have to have some kind of resolve for them. And with... read more »

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder New Jersey NJ

Some people have one or two symptoms and some people have many of the symptoms of TMJ pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache pain, migraines, facial pain. People have an assortment of things such as ringing in the ears, ear congestion, ear pain. There are lots of these things that people can all of a sudden put together. Yeah, I... read more »

TMJ Disorder & Electromyography New Jersey

Diagnosing TMJ pain is something that we have case 7 instrument for. And it allows us to do electromyography, it allows us to do muscle tracking, it allows us to go ahead and find where people are having the problems, in which muscles, and we can then go ahead and take a bite and we can recreate a position of... read more »

Personalized TMJ Treatment Solutions New Jersey

Once we diagnose the TMJ problem, once we go ahead and figure out what’s going on, then we can go ahead and make an appliance known as an orthotic, whether it’s a removable or a fixed orthotic, but we can make something that we can go ahead based on the scientific readings of the computer determine where the person’s most... read more »