New Jersey NJ Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is very common. Reports say that 50% of the people in this country don’t visit a dentist out of fear. And we now through the concept of sedation can get these people to come in. We’ve seen people that have never had dental work come through dentistry and want to have more of it. It’s something that allows... read more »

New Jersey Dental Anxiety Patients Receive Help

People come in and tell us that they’ve had their hands tied to the chairs and they’ve had experiences that were very painful and that the dentist didn’t stop, and we’ve heard many stories of past histories of things that have had, sometimes through just perception, sometimes they’re real. Many times, they’re actual stories that have happened. And in the... read more »

New Jersey IV Oral Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes they’re real, sometimes they’re not. But perception is real. And so even if people remember something that happened many years ago people go ahead in the back of their mind have something that they think of and relate to a bad experience. It’s deep seeded and sometimes it takes a lot to overcome that fear. Good news of the... read more »

New Jersey Oral IV Sedation Dentistry Training and Experience

You must find someone who has had both the training and the experience. We’ve done a lot of training with the Docs Society which is the oral conscious sedation people that do a lot of training. We’ve done courses at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. We continue to do training sessions there. And we continue to keep abreast of... read more »

Oral Sedation Dentistry New Jersey

Oral sedation is based on giving people some pills, some liquids, that are medications that they swallow and we go ahead and monitor them just again as if it were in a hospital, we’re monitoring them constantly, and everybody reacts a little bit differently to the medications and so we have to go ahead and spend the time delivering these... read more »

Dental Phobia Treatment Plans New Jersey NJ

Poor candidates for oral sedation are medically compromised patients, they are people that have a history of smoking, people with drug abuse. These are people that are harder to sedate with oral sedation. That’s when we bring in Dr. Atlas, and Dr. Atlas will then give them IV sedation which basically will put them to sleep and he will monitor... read more »

Dental Comfort with Oral Sedation New Jersey NJ

An oral sedation appointment may be just an appointment for as little as maybe a cleaning for some people. It may be a limited type of situation where we’re doing just one root canal. Or it may be somebody that wants the edge taken off because it’s a long appointment, and we might be doing 5 or 6 hours worth... read more »

Dental Comfort with IV Sedation New Jersey NJ

IV sedation is delivered by the anesthesiologist through medications where he starts an IV and the medications are injected. It’s a much deeper sedation than oral conscious sedation but the nice thing is that we have the anesthesiologist who’s monitoring the patients and can go ahead and deliver the medical care that’s necessary. On occasion we’ve had people that’ve had... read more »

Hospital Dentistry New Jersey NJ

If a patient’s not a candidate for IV sedation then they might be a candidate for hospital dentistry, and there have been a few of those that have gone beyond the level that we feel comfortable at Aesthetic Dental Care in Fairfield delivering in a dental setting. They may be very compromised but need the dentistry and they may need... read more »

IV Sedation Appointment Expectations New Jersey NJ

Typical IV sedation appointment at Aesthetic Dental Care is where people will come in, they’ll be delivered here by someone who may stay and wait for them. The patient will be brought back, Dr. Atlas will do a full history and assess the patient. He’ll have already spoken to them so he’ll already know some of the problems going on... read more »