Advanced Dental Technology NJ Jerry Strauss DMD

At Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey, it’s extremely critical for us to stay current because things have changed so much over the past few years that if you don’t stay current you get left behind. And the techniques that we have today and the materials that we have today are far better than what we used even 5 or... read more »

Continuing Dental Education NJ Jerry Strauss DMD

We stay current by taking a lot of continuing education courses. We take them at LVI which is the premiere leading postured center for education in the country. We take courses all over actually and we maintain the cutting edge by getting this technology in and by using it and learning how to use it and getting proficient at it.

CEREC Tooth Restorations New Jersey NJ

We now have a CEREC machine which allows us to go ahead and make a crown or make an inlay on the same day of service as we’re going ahead and preparing the teeth. So that reduces the number of visits, that reduces putting temporaries in. People have temporaries in they frequently call and well, I lost one or it... read more »

CEREC Benefits Aesthetic Dental Care New Jersey

CEREC is a great tool for us because it allows us to go ahead and take a virtual impression of a tooth that we’re preparing for, for example, a crown or for an onlay, and instead of some people being very fearful of the impression that they’re going to go ahead and swallow the material or gag on it this... read more »

Digital Radiography New Jersey NJ

Multiple advantages for the digital radiography, first of all it reduces the amount of exposure by up to 90% which is very beneficial to the patient. It allows us to put up the X rays on the screen so that both the patient and I can take a look at the same time. We can go ahead and enhance; we... read more »

Laser Dentistry New Jersey Jerry Strauss DMD

We have many lasers that we use with different wavelengths. I started using a CO2 laser about 16 or 17 years ago and that has value to us in terms of laser being a bit more efficient than using a scalpel blade. It allows us to get a quicker healing time, a nicer healing phase. It allows us to do... read more »