Can Veneers Replace Orthodontic Treatment?

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For decades, patients with orthodontic problems had very few treatment options. Virtually the only way to improve gapped, crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth was to wear metal braces, which were not fast, not discreet and certainly not very comfortable.

Nowadays, thanks to modern dental technology, dentists have more options than ever to address tooth misalignment or malposition. For example, sometimes dentists use porcelain veneers as opposed to braces to create straighter, more attractive smiles.

A Quick Fix for Minor Orthodontic Problems

For the right person, veneers are a quick fix for tiny gaps, slightly crooked teeth or misaligned teeth. These thin ceramic pieces are bonded over the visible part of the affected tooth or teeth to mask cosmetic imperfections almost instantly. The veneer material closely matches natural tooth enamel and is very difficult to stain. Veneers can be designed and placed in as little as two dental appointments, saving considerable time over traditional orthodontics.

However, veneers are considered a shortcut, as opposed to an effective or long-lasting solution to orthodontic problems. They do not actually correct the problem — they simply mask it. Also, placing veneers requires a small amount of natural tooth enamel to be removed, which can weaken the tooth. And, veneers are not lifetime restorations; at some point, they need to be replaced.

For those reasons, veneers are usually only recommended in a very small percentage of teeth straightening cases. If you have moderate to severe tooth misalignment/malposition, you are probably better off undergoing orthodontic treatment to remedy the problem.

A Clear Alternative to Braces

You can achieve a straighter, better aligned smile without wearing metal braces or damaging natural tooth enamel with veneers. Dr. Jerry Strauss of Invisalign system, which uses clear, removable aligners to gradually move teeth into the desired alignment.

You can wear your Invisalign aligners to work, to the gym and to socialize with your friends, but virtually no one will be able to tell you are wearing them. The aligners can be easily removed for eating, drinking, toothbrushing and flossing. Treatment times vary, but most patients finish Invisalign treatment in approximately one year.

Do Your Research and Talk to a Trusted Dentist

The best way to get accurate information tailored to your individual goals is to meet with a trusted dentist. Dr. Strauss invites you to book a consultation at Aesthetic Dental Care to discuss your options. Please call or email us today to request an appointment.