Aesthetic Dental Care of New Jersey Staff

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Team is great. Rose at the desk will be the first one usually who responds to the first call, she’ll be the one that talks to people that are coming in. She’ll get them relaxed; she’ll build a relationship with them. She’ll find out a little bit about them and she’ll find out who they are, what they want, and then she’ll relay that to us. When they come in, they’ll meet Suzanne who has a wonderful technique also for getting people comfortable, also for developing a relationship and a rapport with her that really is a very nice, special technique that she has. And we have Dr. Atlas who is an anesthesiologist, he’s fulltime at UMDNJ where he practices, and when he’s not there he’s working with us here and he’s giving IV sedation to people that are extremely fearful and want to be put out and he’s a wonderful asset to our office. And we’ve become a team, and that team membership is very critical to making everything work very well.