Fearful of the Dentist? Overcome Your Phobia with Sedation

Many patients panic when it comes to going to the dentist, and it is that fear that has prevented them from getting the dental treatment they need to maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. To put their fears to rest, Dr. Strauss offers a revolutionary option called conscious sedation dentistry which serves his New Jersey patients. Conscious sedation dentistry, administered in pill form with no needles or IVs, allows the patient to enter a complete state of relaxation so that Jerry Strauss, DMD can restore their smile with no pain or discomfort. Most of our patients are so relaxed during treatment, it is as if they slept through the entire appointment and are left with little to no recollection of treatment.

Conscious sedation is also a great option for patients that have physical conditions that make it difficult to sit still with their jaw open for extended periods of time. Individuals with a sensitive gag reflux, difficulty getting numb or conditions like Parkinson’s disease can undergo treatment completely free of any stress or discomfort.

If you live in Fairfield, Essex County, or other nearby areas in New Jersey, and are interested in sedation dentistry, our dental practice can help you.

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